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Working for Someone Younger than Yourself? 5 Ways to Partner Successfully

Generational differences in the workplace can be hard to manage sometimes, but the bottom line is that maintaining positive work relationships with your colleagues and your boss is necessary in order to foster a desirable workplace culture. Whether it be completing a project,  responding to client needs, or working with a particular product, you should be willing to make a real effort to perform your best and meet your boss’ expectations, regardless of any age differences.

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4 Powerful Lessons You Learn From Having a Bad Boss

Illustration of employes running from boss

Bad bosses: We’ve all had them. They might expect too much from you, or in other cases, delegate too little. Maybe your boss is a micromanager, or maybe he or she is just terribly disorganized. Maybe your boss is unapproachable or even insulting. You may find that your boss is unethical, or incompetent, or maybe your boss plays favorites. No matter what the case is, all bad bosses have one thing in common: they can make the best teachers.

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