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Hiring: How to Attract the Right Person for the Job in a Tight Talent Market

In today’s market, talent is not a boundless resource. In fact, the talent market is arguably tighter than ever, and it is up to employers to come up with new ways to attract, recruit, and retain talented individuals for a given position.

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How to Manage a Micromanager and Thrive in Your Job

Constantly meddling. Implementing procedures which seem to be aimed at monitoring what everyone is doing. Making all decisions, no matter how small. Over-managing. Over-scrutinizing. Over-frustrating employees. If this sounds like your boss, their behavior is what scientists call a ‘corporate psychopath.’

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Barbachano International Recognized Again on Forbes’ America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms List

Barbachano International is the highest ranked search firm focused on diversity recruitment in the United States, Mexico, and Latin American emerging markets.

Barbachano International, Inc. (BIP), the premier leader of human capital solutions in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States, has been selected as one of America’s Best Executive Search Firms 2018 by Forbes Magazine for the second consecutive year. In 2017, BIP ranked #225 from a total of 250 selected firms from over 18,000. This year, the company impressively climbed 166 spots to #59 in the Americas.

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