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Working for Someone Younger than Yourself? 5 Ways to Partner Successfully

Generational differences in the workplace can be hard to manage sometimes, but the bottom line is that maintaining positive work relationships with your colleagues and your boss is necessary in order to foster a desirable workplace culture. Whether it be completing a project,  responding to client needs, or working with a particular product, you should be willing to make a real effort to perform your best and meet your boss’ expectations, regardless of any age differences.

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What are the advantages of hiring Millennials for C-level positions?

Mark Zuckerberg waving

As more and more millennials become a part of the existing workforce, a contemporary need to redefine the c-suite emerges, with a requisite to make way for millennial leaders. The paradigm of business hierarchies is shifting, and millennials are uniquely equipped to evolve to such changes.

As a generation bred for innovation, the advantages of hiring millennials for executive roles are unparalleled.

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5 MAJOR Reasons Millennial Leaders Fail (and what to do about it)

Statistics show that the leadership crisis is real—so real, in fact, that nearly 50% of recently-promoted managers fail in the first eighteen months of employment (source: Leadership IQ). Worse yet, this failure rate is expected to be higher, some say as high as 75%. According to a report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, our outplacement partners based in Chicago, there have been 1,107 CEO departures so far this year.

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