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How To Exhibit True Leadership In Turbulent Times

It is often said that the greatest of leaders are not born, but rather made. It is through hardship that they must learn to exhibit strength and direction, blazing a path that translates a vision into a reality. Any goal that is worthwhile will inevitably present obstacles along the way. True leaders are able to overcome such challenges and grow from them, empowering their followers to do the same by means of action and example.

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New Job? 5 Things to Do in the First Week

You’ve sent in the most compelling cover letter. You’ve crafted the perfect resume. Your interview with the hiring manager couldn’t have gone better, and you’ve finally made it through salary negotiations. Don’t kick back and relax just yet. The first week is the time to prove yourself capable and be recognized as a self-starter. We’ve put together 5 things to help you get off to a flying start in your new job.

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10 Tips to Succeed as a First-Time Manager

So, you’ve finally reached the top of your industry and earned advancement to a managerial position. Having your hard work, talents, and dedication to your career recognized with a leadership role not only offers you the monetary increase that usually comes with a raise, but it also creates an intrinsically rewarding feeling that you’ll attach to your work because of all of the effort and success you experienced to get here. While earning the right to lead in the workplace is an exciting feeling, a lot of responsibility comes with this type of transition as well.

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