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Over 40? 5 Strategies To Combat Ageism and Land a New Job

Age discrimination in the workplace

Age discrimination is a reality that disproportionately affects Baby Boomers and even members of Generation X, favoring their Millennial counterparts in the hiring process. Sometimes, ageism is difficult to notice because it can be inadvertent or subtle, such as a shift from “experienced” to “high-potential” in job descriptions. Ultimately, you may find it hard to compete against a “digital native” in high demand, but there are many strategies you can use to combat ageism and land a new job.

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6 Tips to Help You Land Your Next Job

When it comes to looking for a new job, the search can be both incredibly exciting, and terribly overwhelming. Sometimes, even if you’ve covered all your bases—your resume is flawless, your cover letter is both sincere and professional, and you meet all the qualifications for the job—for one reason or another, you still don’t get a call back from the employer.

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5 Essential Attributes You Can Learn About Candidates over Lunch

There is quite some flexibility and aptitude to how job interviews are conducted today to the norm some years back. Small companies may lack enough space to carry out quality interviews, or in some occasions, an employer may decide to conduct off-site interviews to evaluate a candidate in a more natural and relaxed environment more closely. Lunch interviews are recommended when interviewing candidates for a job and especially where there is client interaction. The primary purpose of this is to evaluate their social skills and to assess how candidates behave under pressure. You can look out for the following attributes.

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