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Five Ways to Assess ‘Cultural Fit’ During the Hiring Process

When you’re combing through resumes and interviews, one thing you shouldn’t do is hire someone based on your first impression alone. One thing you should do is pay close attention to the interviewee who has the required experience but are just not sure if he or she will fit with your company’s culture. When people don’t work well with an organization’s culture, they’ll have a hard time showing superior job performance because they’re not adapting to the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that make up your organization. You’ll need to learn about hiring employees that fit into the culture of your workplace. How do you do that? We’re going to provide a list below with some ways you can make sure the people you want to hire have the right cultural fit in the workplace.

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The Candidate EVERY Employer Wants to Hire

What do all these statements have in common?

“I’m a great team player.”
“I am so excited about this job.”
“I am the best person to join your company.”
“I have a great deal of experience.”

Employers have heard them all before.

And while not exactly a problem per se, the words aren’t magic to their ears either.

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