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A Guide to a Successful Interview (For Introverts)

Performing well in an interview is an essential part of any effort to land a new job. But for introverts, the thought of having to speak with someone they don’t know for an extended period of time and with a lot on the line professionally can be extremely nerve-wracking.

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Why do Introverts Make Better Leaders?

Bill Gates illustration

Most of us don’t think successful leaders have an introverted leadership style, since, by all appearances, extroverted people make wonderful public speakers and engaging networkers. Being able to speak effectively in public and knowing how to network well are two very important talents most CEOs and organizational leaders need to possess if they want to thrive. Most people assume introverts aren’t able to do either one of these necessities well. After all, a USA Today poll says 65% of executives view introversion to be an impediment to productive leadership.

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