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Over 40? 5 Strategies To Combat Ageism and Land a New Job

Age discrimination in the workplace

Age discrimination is a reality that disproportionately affects Baby Boomers and even members of Generation X, favoring their Millennial counterparts in the hiring process. Sometimes, ageism is difficult to notice because it can be inadvertent or subtle, such as a shift from “experienced” to “high-potential” in job descriptions. Ultimately, you may find it hard to compete against a “digital native” in high demand, but there are many strategies you can use to combat ageism and land a new job.

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4 Powerful Lessons You Learn From Having a Bad Boss

Illustration of employes running from boss

Bad bosses: We’ve all had them. They might expect too much from you, or in other cases, delegate too little. Maybe your boss is a micromanager, or maybe he or she is just terribly disorganized. Maybe your boss is unapproachable or even insulting. You may find that your boss is unethical, or incompetent, or maybe your boss plays favorites. No matter what the case is, all bad bosses have one thing in common: they can make the best teachers.

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10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Mexico in 2018

Mexican flag in front of skyscrapers

For many years, employers in Mexico have grappled with a persistent challenge: how to fill vacancies with the most qualified candidates.

Much like the country itself, the job market in Mexico is diverse. It’s not always easy to find work, or the right employee, but rest assured, Mexico’s developing economy still allows for seasoned executives to thrive and young professionals to develop their skills and kickstart their careers.

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New Job? 5 Things to Do in the First Week

You’ve sent in the most compelling cover letter. You’ve crafted the perfect resume. Your interview with the hiring manager couldn’t have gone better, and you’ve finally made it through salary negotiations. Don’t kick back and relax just yet. The first week is the time to prove yourself capable and be recognized as a self-starter. We’ve put together 5 things to help you get off to a flying start in your new job.

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Leaders don’t Change Organizations, they Transform Them

In today’s fast-moving business world driven by constantly evolving technology, doing more of the same is a recipe for disaster. Over the past twenty years, more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies have been acquired, merged, or declared bankruptcy. Organizations face bigger threats—and from a wider range of competitors—than ever before.

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