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10 Leadership Qualities that Every Top Executive Should Have

Great leaders come packed with a number of admirable leadership qualities. These qualities are what sets them apart from the rest and play a huge role in helping them climb up the ladder of their career. With growth and development in the business world, more is expected of leaders and great executive leadership is the common factor that the top companies share. Expectations grow as a leader rises up the various ranks in a company and more is demanded from them.

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Why do Introverts Make Better Leaders?

Most of us don’t think successful leaders have an introverted leadership style, since, by all appearances, extroverted people make wonderful public speakers and engaging networkers. Being able to speak effectively in public and knowing how to network well are two very important talents most CEOs and organizational leaders need to possess if they want to thrive. Most people assume introverts aren’t able to do either one of these necessities well. After all, a USA Today poll says 65% of executives view introversion to be an impediment to productive leadership.

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The Candidate EVERY Employer Wants to Hire

What do all these statements have in common?

“I’m a great team player.”
“I am so excited about this job.”
“I am the best person to join your company.”
“I have a great deal of experience.”

Employers have heard them all before.

And while not exactly a problem per se, the words aren’t magic to their ears either.

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