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Smart Companies Are Getting Ahead of the Competition By Doing This One Thing

Let’s face it: whether you are on the hiring side or on the hunting side for a job, the process is inevitably more difficult when the company does not have an opening. However, it is also a common misconception that this condition renders the employment process impossible.

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Baking Recipe For Success: Does Your Leadership Cake Have These 4 Ingredients?

Baking a cake and building a business are more similar than one might initially think; In order for either of these processes to be successful, there needs to be a deliberate and well-balanced combination of the key ingredients. Just as most chocolate cakes need flour, cocoa, eggs, and sugar, baking a leadership cake also requires some fundamental ingredients.

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4 Powerful Lessons You Learn From Having a Bad Boss

Illustration of employes running from boss

Bad bosses: We’ve all had them. They might expect too much from you, or in other cases, delegate too little. Maybe your boss is a micromanager, or maybe he or she is just terribly disorganized. Maybe your boss is unapproachable or even insulting. You may find that your boss is unethical, or incompetent, or maybe your boss plays favorites. No matter what the case is, all bad bosses have one thing in common: they can make the best teachers.

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