10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Mexico in 2018

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For many years, employers in Mexico have grappled with a persistent challenge: how to fill vacancies with the most qualified candidates.

Much like the country itself, the job market in Mexico is diverse. It’s not always easy to find work, or the right employee, but rest assured, Mexico’s developing economy still allows for seasoned executives to thrive and young professionals to develop their skills and kickstart their careers.

2018 is an important year to monitor the job market because current domestic, as well as foreign affairs, have the potential to shape Mexico’s economy. A recent US-Mexico agreement coupled with ongoing NAFTA negotiations with Canada carries potential ramifications for the job market, not only in Mexico but also on an international level.

Additionally, with the recent presidential election in Mexico, researchers and experts theorize how the job market might be affected. While the changing political schemes of Mexico do impact the dynamic of the country’s economy, the job vacancy rate for certain professions remains relatively steady.

Another factor to consider is the rapid development of technology. As we dive deeper into the digital age, certain jobs are rendered obsolete because technology learns to perform the same functions, replacing personnel for purposes of cost effectiveness. Simultaneously, a need for jobs relating to technology also emerges, creating a market in which positions such as software developers and automation engineers are in short supply and high in-demand.

Because employment in Mexico is so diverse, some skills or experiences prove to be necessary, while others only serve as a strong asset. For example, a college education may be very beneficial, but there are some positions that do not necessarily require one. Because many professions in Mexico work closely with the United States,  speaking a second language, especially English, can come in handy when looking for a job in Mexico.

Here are the 10 most in-demand jobs in Mexico in 2018:

  1. Finance Manager / Accounting Manager / Controller
  2. Marketing Manager – Digital
  3. Sales/Business Development Manager
  4. Software Developer / Engineer
  5. Project Manager – IT
  6. Auditor
  7. E-Commerce Specialist
  8. Financial Advisor
  9. Supply Chain Manager / Logistics Manager
  10. Automation Engineer – Robotics

Many of the jobs in high demand are those related to the finance/accounting and sales/marketing functions, which have historically been responsible for generating comparably high amounts of revenue in Mexico particularly in the commercial and financial sectors. In fact, the top in-demand job explicitly deals with the financial health of a given organization or company. This phenomenon is in many ways unique to Mexico, allowing the country to be a place where commerce can flourish.

Although business may appear to be the dominant sector for in-demand jobs this year, Mexico also offers opportunities in a wide range of professions and fields outside of the world of business–namely automotive, manufacturing, logistics, cloud/software, tourism and hospitality, and oil and gas. As a result, even though business is booming, the demand for non-business professions, such as automation engineers and mechatronics engineering, remains steady.

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By Barbachano Staff

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