10 Secrets to Boost Your Job Search in 2018

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Being jobless is tough. Your search can drag on and leave you feeling like you’ve hit a wall. It’s a tedious, time-consuming, and exhaustive process, but don’t let desperation drive you. Making a few vital tweaks to your strategy can, and will most likely, result in a positive outcome. Eliminate your frustration and try these 10 secrets to boost your job search in 2018.

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The DNA of Extraordinary Leaders


Extraordinary leaders. You know them when you see them. They stand out. They get your attention. They not only own the room—they light it up. Industry, field, location, age, and gender is irrelevant. Whether high profile or out of the limelight, extraordinary leaders are lighting the way for brighter paths of success with such purpose that followers are tagging along. What does extraordinary leadership look like? How do we become extraordinary leaders?

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Mexico Employee Retention is a Top Priority for 2018


There seems to be a mixed perspective in the American corporate world about outsourcing assignments to Mexico. From a corporate standpoint, there are several benefits to consider if you are thinking about outsourcing to Mexico, but there is also a flipside that includes risks. What are the positives and negatives of outsourcing jobs to Mexico, and how can you increase the positives while decreasing the negatives to succeed with this business strategy?

10 Tips to Succeed as a First-Time Manager

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So, you’ve finally reached the top of your industry and earned advancement into a managerial position. Having your hard work, talents, and dedication to your career recognized with a leadership role not only offers you the monetary increase that usually comes with a raise, but it also creates an intrinsically rewarding feeling that you’ll attach to your work because of all of the effort and success you experienced to get here. While earning the right to lead in the workplace is an exciting feeling, a lot of responsibility comes with this type of transition as well.