Executive Coaching

We provide executive coaching in Mexico through our sister company Challenger Gray & Christmas S.C. with offices in Mexico City, Reynosa / Monterrey, and the Tijuana / San Diego border region. We have a unique team of Master Certified Coaches in Mexico who are fully bilingual in English and Spanish and even French. Our select group of clients include companies like HSBC, Scotia Bank, SAS, Alcatel, Plantronics, Nokia, amongst many others.

Our Executive Coaching Division provides unique, repeatable, winning programs to improve the performance of individual managers and the teams they lead. Our goal is to enable organizations to become optimally effective achieving business objectives, regardless of the circumstances that confront them.

We provide resources and processes that help workers focus on leadership, teamwork, conflict management and collaboration. We steer leaders successfully through change management processes… because change is the challenging constant in business. Our programs enable both managers and their work teams to become coaches themselves within their own organizations, thus enabling the investment in our programs to deliver on-going returns.

The services and resources we provide generate positive, measurable bottom-line results by emphasizing personal growth in strength areas and risk reduction through effective problem avoidance and conflict resolution. Can coaching deliver return on investment for your organization? Yes, when you have the right tools, the right guidance, the right framework and, most importantly, the right partner.

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