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Condominiums Administrator
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Job Description:

Job Summary:

Our client is a TOP RATED Premium condominiums complex with more than 100 units in Puerto Vallarta - Mexico, and is looking for a seasoned Administrator to oversee all aspects of this condo complex. The incumbent will be responsible for providing an excellent customer satisfaction experience.


  • Manage all aspects of the Premium condo complex
  • Plan objectives, develop organizational policies,coordinate functions and operations between departments, and establish responsibilities and procedures for attaining objectives in accordance to the corporate mission, vision, goals and objectives set by Owners/Council.
  • Prepare and/or review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and participate in the revision of objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions.
  • Evaluate performance of staff for compliance with established policies and objectives and contributions in attaining objectives.
  • Train staff
  • Enforce organization’s policies and procedures
  • Manage succession planning, training, counseling, and related programs to assure adequate replacements to fill the requirements.
  • Study issues and problems and create procedures of resolution.
  • Gather, organize and analyze relevant information and provides statistics, as needed.
  • Prepare recommendations for solutions, implementation of procedures and/or organizational changes.
  • Ensure an Emergency Response Plan is developed and implemented.
  • Additional tasks & responsibilities as required

Required Knowledge/Experience:

  • Previous experience administrating a premium condominium complex of more than 100 units, or related experience.
  • Relevant Jalisco or Mexican laws pertaining to condominiums.
  • Strong Customer Service and polite attitude.
  • Previous experience handling issues with CFE, SAT, Water providers, and other local government entities.
  • Financial and Budget management experience.
  • Proven leadership, leading areas of Maintenance, Housekeeping, Administration, and Security amongst others.
  • Property maintenance processes and procedures.
  • Fluently bilingual (Spanish/English).
  • Experience managing large condominium (or equivalent) and staff.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong Project Management skills.

Performance Indicators:

  • Homeowner satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Response time
  • Efficiency of staff

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