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Commercial Director
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Mexico City, Mexico
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Our client, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive components, is looking for a Commercial Director, an outstanding team player and leader with a solid track record of at least 12-15 years of experience, with an ascending, successful career in the Mexican automotive aftermarket sales field (desirable – Industry non mandatory). One who has demonstrated skills to develop prosperous and solid relations with large and medium Customers and delivering the Sales and Profitability Targets every period. International experience will be a plus.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement effective sales strategies and action plans that are perceived by our Customers as of superior added value and generate sustained competitive advantages.
  • Attract, develop and retain talent, providing each one of them with all the tools to achieve high performance.
  • As soon as possible, align our sales organization and tasks, with the company Strategy, then, transform it into a successful sales team with the needed drive to achieve goals and objectives consistently.
  • Optimize the allocation of financial, human and operating resources across Customers, Products and selling tasks.
  • Have a deep understanding of the Mexican automotive aftermarket will be a plus and master strategies to keep the company ahead of major changes and remain competitive, growing and profitable in the mid and long term.


Qualifications & Requirements:

  • An outstanding achiever, that consistently exceeds objectives. Very effective in doing whatever it professionally and ethically takes to get things done.
  • A seasoned, self-driven manager, used to overcome challenges and work in adverse environments, a positive transformer, one that enjoys relations with Customers and the inherent challenge of achieving the company’s objectives and Customer´s satisfaction.
  • Strong leadership, team integration and people developing skills. Lead by example, able of showing the “how” and that something is possible, from start to end.
  • A team player, that interacts, develops, motivates and gets the best results out of every team member.
  • A good, effective communicator.
  • A top ambassador for the company, carrying always a positive message to Customers and team, presenting our portfolio of products and services is the best for their business in the short and long term, profitable and with high growth potential, with the best Brands in the Marketplace.
  • Effective in follow up issues, resolving and delivering. Highly effective, skilled and experienced in conflict resolution, internal and external.
  • Creative individual with a proven track record of achieving positive results and exceeding Objectives in the industry, capable of taking growth challenges, making those his/her own and delivering Sales, Margins, Market Share and Brand Equity targeted growth.
  • A Sales professional with the creative knowledge, skills and experience to develop and articulate, from scratch, winning strategies and create the detailed action and follow-up plans, in other words, prepare solid solution proposals and fully capable of making it happen.
  • One that knows very well the main players and keeps a solid and positive relation with the keys individuals in those organizations and also, one that understands perfectly the dynamics of the market, competition and Customers and be perfectly capable to cope and overcome the current and future challenges.
  • Besides being capable, must show the resolution of developing and implementing in a short period of time, the processes and organizational changes required to focus everyone´s attention in the Sales area in our customers’ requirements.
  • Focus his/her time and energy in delivering the Sales number, every single month, also, immediately dedicate time to identify, attract and hire talented, experienced, professional individuals, put immediate discipline.
  • A solid Sales career, highly desirable in renown growing profitable international corporations, successful, with the highest ethical, processes and discipline standards.
  • Highly effective in interacting with other areas, in particular with Marketing to create and implement Product, Price, Place and Promotional Strategies that lead the company to get the expected results.
  • To have the skills and knowledge for understanding the Financial Statements and the economic implications of the proposed and committed plans and actions.
  • Honest individual, commitment and hardworking is a must.
  • Hungry for a larger challenge and for the reward.
  • Team building and development, be a leading Director, not the “super salesperson”. Must devote as much time as needed, to build ground up, a genuine high performance sales team, no matter what or how long it takes (no too long, certainly). 
  • Very good in getting consistent results, under extreme pressure conditions
  • Particularly, proven good hunting skills, to develop new Customers, establishing geographical priorities and Customer´s profile while avoiding conflicts with existing ones.
  • An academic high achiever, a completed Bachelors Degree, a Master Degree will be highly desirable (M.B.A., Operations Research, Marketing), committed to lifelong learning, so, he/she is always updated.
  • 100% fluent in English.

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