Our Search Process


Search Methodology:

  • Consult with client companies to develop an understanding of the open position and of the specifications and expectations of the candidate needed to fill the position.
  • Develop a detailed job description as well as an assessment of the workplace demographics and the client’s management style.
  • Conduct the search assignment in accordance with the timeline presented to the client company (as requested).
  • Develop a candidate questionnaire tailored to the search assignment.
  • Elaborate a roadmap for recruiting.  Then research and source databases, networks, trade associations and organizations, among many other resources to build a potential candidate list.
  • While recruiting, develop a picture of the current compensation for the target position within the industry.
  • Conduct initial prescreens and select those to be interviewed.
  • Recruit and conduct in-depth behavioral style interviews. Assess candidate’s major strengths and weaknesses, suitability for the position, and candidate fit.
  • Present written profiles of viable candidates to the client in accordance with the timelines.
  • Candidate profile will include:
    • Resume and employment record
    • Candidate’s needs in a new company
    • Current compensation and benefits of candidate and minimum desired salary
    • Language assessment
    • Criteria for Change of Employment
    • Relocation issues (if any)
    • Education
    • Legal Work Status (if applicable)
    • Evaluation summary
  • Schedule candidate/client initial interviews and participate in the interview process as needed.
  • Provide candidate feedback to client on the initial interview process.
  • Conduct extensive references for verification of candidate credentials and salary.
  • Schedule final interviews with selected candidates.
  • Facilitate/negotiate employment offer to final candidate.
  • Assist final candidate in resigning from current employment and prepare candidate to deal with the possibility of a counter offer.

Note: All confidential information relating to the business of our employer/clients, which is imparted as an aid to the search assignment, shall be treated accordingly.